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Hi there! I'm Heewon Lee, a software engineer from South Korea. I studied Computer Science at Hanyang University and I have a broad interest in all things computer science, especially programming.

I love solving real-life problems, which often leads me to start my own personal projects. My work includes web projects, desktop and mobile apps, automation scripts, AI, and more. I'm always open to different types of projects and enjoy the variety.

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What I made


I have worked with several companies or been commissioned to work on various projects. Below are some of the more memorable projects.

Personal Projects

I have a lot of personal projects, but here are some of the more interesting ones.

For more, please visit my Github page.


If you want to contact me for business, please send me an email to hwlee.works+blog@gmail.com And if you want to contact me for personal reasons, please send me an email to rishubil+blog@gmail.com