HTML5로 만든 오픈소스 퍼즐 게임 엔진 PuzzleScript

  • 2013/10/09
  • Web

PuzzleScript는 HTML5로 제작한 퍼즐 게임 엔진이라고 한다. 홈페이지에서 간단하게 퍼즐 게임을 제작하는 방법을 설명하고, 실제로 제작해 볼 수 있는 환경을 제공한다.

Heroes of SokobanHeroes of Sokoban 2, Dang I’m Huge 등의 게임이 PuzzleScript로 제작되었다.

이하 프로젝트 페이지에 게시되어 있는 설명

PuzzleScript was developed by me (with the assistance/feedback of many other people + tools), Stephen Lavelle (@increpare). Programming puzzle games isn’t all that hard in the grand scheme of things, but the barrier to entry is way higher than it needs to be.

It’s not a general purpose game making tool, it’s not even a general purpose puzzle game making tool. Or even a avatar-based turn-based puzzle game making tool – games likeDROD don’t work, or games with very nuanced behaviours, like Puzzles proved impossible. But it is a tool, and I think it might prove handy/enabling for a number of people, if one is accepting of its limitations.

I’ve worked on a lot of puzzle games, and decided on a particular group of those that could be handily modelled with a scripting language. I’ve seen someone do a similar pattern-matching system before (I can’t remember who, though), but it was a lot less flexible – the movement system in this engine is what gives it its real power.

Getting the engine out the door, so to speek, took several weeks of full-time, unreumerated work, and no doubt there’s plenty more to come. I am not a wealthy man, I’m an impoverished, self-employed independent game developer whose involvement with such projects amounts to happy indiscretions. If you appreciate this piece of software, please consider chipping some money my way, okay?

I’ve you’ve made something cool with the engine, please let me know ( or @increpare ) – I’d love to highlight (and maybe even host as examples) wonderful things that people’ve made with this.